50 Ways Hypnotherapy Can Help You Live A Better Life

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30 September 2014

50 Ways Hypnotherapy Can Help You Live A Better Life

  1. Creating Self-Confidence
  2. Find Your Motivation and Drives
  3. Stronger Self-Image
  4. Stress Management
  5. Releasing and Understanding Anger
  6. Removing Frustration and Worry
  7. Rid Yourself of Writers Block
  8. Understanding Guilt
  9. Learn How to Forgive
  10. Never Bite your Nails Again
  11. Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  12. Become Assertive
  13. Learn Profitable Public Speaking
  14. Enhance Your Memory
  15. Increase Your Concentration
  16. Lower Your Blood Pressure
  17. Stage Fright
  18. Smoking Cessation
  19. Reach for Your Goals
  20. Stop Procrastination
  21. Resistance to Change
  22. Improve Sales
  23. Self-Criticism
  24. Find Your Career Success
  25. Control Test Anxiety
  26. Relationship Enhancement
  27. Surgical Recovery
  28. Tardiness
  29. Gambling
  30. Performance Anxiety
  31. Lack of Initiative
  32. Weight Loss
  33. Substance and Alcohol Abuse
  34. Get Rid of Fears and Phobias
  35. Insomnia
  36. Pain Management
  37. Assist Healing
  38. Impotence and Premature Ejaculation
  39. Child Birth
  40. Control Passive-Aggressive Behaviors
  41. Stuttering
  42. Sports
  43. Overly Critical
  44. Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
  45. Improve Your Health
  46. Stop Bed Wetting
  47. Skin Problems
  48. Stop Negative and Self-Defeating Behaviors
  49. Embedding Creative Visualizations
  50. Loving Your Inner Child

The truth is we all run negative programs that we picked from others during our childhood. Our subconscious mind at that time was totally open and impressionable. Through repetition what we did is we developed our own negative thinking and we “programmed” that into our beliefs, habits and automatic behaviors. To change results we have to access the subconscious mind, that is neutral and impartial, and start overwriting the old negative “programming” and instead we have to install new positive thinking.

Unfortunately it’s not easy to access the subconscious mind as adults because of the defense mechanisms that we have. Controlling our thinking and keeping it constructive may be one of the most difficult challenges you have ever faced. Hypnotherapy is the fastest way to access the subconscious and through the use of hypnosis we can achieve change and we can then collapse any of the resistance, fear and blocks that we find during the process.

We do have the capacity to create new neural pathways that will then collapse the old pathways and end the struggles we often have against ourselves. To transform your mind, your body and any other aspect in your life, you have to change the negative “programming” that starts in your mind and then everything else will follow suit.

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