Want to Stop Smoking and Don’t Know How?

Stop smoking by hypnosis in Los Angeles
30 September 2014

Want to Stop Smoking and Don’t Know How?

Imagine using Hypnosis so you’ll stop smoking while you are living your life and losing “the craving” because the changes are happening at a much deeper level then just your will power.  Once you lose “the craving” it only takes 72 hours (3 days) to get rid of the physical addiction to the nicotine.   All you need to do before you stop is to ask for help and commit yourself to achieving it!

By using Hypnosis you will create the new neurotransmitters in your brain that will help you to more easily go back to being a non-smoker.  Remember, you were a non-smoker when you were born and your subconscious mind is aware of that.  You became a smoker when you learned how to smoke.   Your mind just needs to be reminded about being able to live your life again without having to think that you want/or need to continue to breath smoke in and out of your lungs and not having to use cigarettes to cope with the difficult things in your life.

The following list is a reminder of some of the consequences of continuing to smoke:

  • Emphysema
  • Cancer
  • High-Blood Pressure
  • Heart Problems
  • Gum Disease
  • Breathing Problems
  • Bronchial Congestion
  • Chronic Cough

Breathing Therapy, used as an adjunct with the Hypnosis, can be very beneficial too in helping you to stop smoking as it will oxygenate your whole body.  It is a reminder too that it’s the breathing that helps you relax – it’s not the smoking.  You can try it right now:  Breath in deeply and breath out completely and you will feel relaxed.  Try it again and this time be more present in your physical body – Inhale as if you were smoking and exhale.  Continue to do it and again ask yourself what is really relaxing you – the breathing or the smoking – I’ll bet you that you’ll know the difference.  It’s the process of breathing that relaxes you!

Nicotine is a stimulant, so inhaling smoke inside your lungs cannot be relaxing. You can do it again – light up your cigarette and start inhaling the smoke and then be aware of the nicotine entering your body.  Now tell me – what’s the relaxing part of smoking?  So again just take a nice deep breath, breathing in deeply and breathing out completely.  One more time tell me – what’s not relaxing about breathing!?!

So make up your mind and stop intoxicating, debilitating and destroying your body while you are making the Tobacco Co’s rich.  Do you know what smoking is costing you?   If you are smoking a pack a day @ $4 p/day in 1 month you spent $120, in 1 year it’s $1,440 and in 10 years it’s $14,400 of your money that you have given to the Tobacco Co’s and probably just to make you sick or kill you.  I bet you that right now you are thinking of different ways you could have spent those $14,400.  If you stop smoking now you could still be in time to turn your life around and be healthier.

If it’s that repetitive thought what’s not letting you stop smoking, then it’s not the addiction to cigarettes.  It’s the addiction to that repetitive thought, that obsessive thought, so you need to deal with that behavior and everything else will follow suit.  Remember, the physical addiction to nicotine, after you stop takes only 72 hours to be out of your system.  What you will really be dealing with it’s “the craving” in your mind or that repetitive obsessive thought.  So I will remind you again – Hypnosis can help you get rid of the craving and get rid of that repetitive thought while you are living your life at a much deeper level then just will power.  Bottom line, it’ll be much easier for you to stop the learned habit of smoking.

As I was tweeting some of this information the other day, one of my followers from abroad was amazed at the price of cigarettes in the USA as he mentioned it costs them around $20 per pack, that means $20 x 7 = $140 a week so it’s $560 a month that becomes $6,720 a year!  So in 10 years this person has spent the amazing amount of $67, 200 in cigarettes!

Some people are able to stop smoking in the first Hypnosis session.  As a Hypnotherapist I advise my potential clients to at least do 2 to 3 more sessions to reinforce that newly acquired behavior.  I remind my potential clients too that we are not a behavior, so that means that if you truly commit yourself to stop smoking, you will achieve it.  That’s right, if you believe it, it will happen.

I used to smoke and stopped years ago “cold turkey” because at that time I didn’t know anything about Hypnosis.  When I look back I have to agree that it was one of the best things I have done in my life.  Instead I started exercising and became a runner and ran 10 Marathons and finished all of them.  I was amazed at how my body and my lungs healed as I became a non-smoker again.  My taste buds came back and I could taste food again.  Some of you may think that probably I put lots of weight on and you are wrong.  I gained only 6 lbs. that I lost in the first 6 months after I became a non-smoker.

Definitely in life we have choices and in the choices that we make sooner or later we will have to face the consequences – you can be healthier in your late years or you can be sick.  I chose to be healthier and yes, that was my choice.

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